• Video in Thailand at Thai Wake Park!

    My video I put together on Junction23 from riding at Thai wake park!


    Check it out!



  • Video in Thailand at Anthem Wake Park!

    Here is my video I put together of riding at Anthem Wake Park in Phuket Thailand!


    Check it!



  • Aphid Wakeskates!

    Aphid Wakeskates is a brand new company brought to you by 2 rad americans, Tyler Mangus and Kyle Walton, brought me, Travis Doran And Alex Haney on board with are own pro model! So stoked to have my first pro model skate!!

    If your interested email them at aphidwakeskates@gmail.com!



  • Winter Getaway

    First off I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! New Years for me started off mine and Sophies 9 weeks winter trip of travelling and riding in Australia and Thailand.

    We flew out of London on the 28th December 2013 for a 8 hour flight to Dubai then a 14 hour flight to Sydney with a couple hours to spare before getting picked up by Scotty Broome so we got a taxi to Bondi Beach to soak in the sun. After getting pick up by Scotty we headed to his mates house and prepare for New Years Eve on a boat in the harbour. Once we got settled it was nice to relax and enjoy the hot weather and be out of the cold British winter, and watching the incredible fireworks display on a boat was definitely an awesome view and a rare opportunity so it was one to tick off for sure!

    After spending a couple days in Sydney the three of us heading about 3 hours south to Scottys parents summer home at Lake Conjola which is a beautiful area and a massive lake, we also got to have a couple goes at surfing which was a lot of fun even though me and Sophie didnt manage to get up on the board very often as well as ride the boat do some fishing on Scottys dads new tinny boat and see some kangaroos!

    This first week was definitely a banging way to start the trip for me and Sophie, massive thanks for Scotty, his his mates in Sydney and his parents for letting us stay. We then took the bus and train up to Penrith cable park just west of Sydney to spend a couple days riding the cable before heading to Cairns to do the tourists things for 5 days.

    We booked in Gilligans hostel and headed to peter pans to book the adventures for the 3 full days we had in Cairns, which we decided to do sky dive the first day, snorkelling and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef then next day and on the Wallaby rainforrest tour on the third day. All of these adventures were incredible and a lot of fun, definitely things to do before you die and we both thing the sky dive was the best, the feeling of falling out of a plane is incredible and such a surreal feeling!

    Next week headed back to the cable in Penrith to spend the next week riding and did boardstock which was good fun hanging out and riding with all the Aussies, we both won some money with Soph taking 3rd in the cable comp and 2nd in the system 2 comp and I got 2nd in rail jam and the kicker comp. But I also enjoyed hanging out with some good wakeskate mates as we went and hit a winch spot they made, that was good fun!

    We very much enjoyed Australia but it was time to leave and we flew out to Bangkok, Thailand and went to Anthem Wake Park in Phuket spending 4 great weeks checking out the sites, the mass of beaches, riding the cable park and having a sick time there. We also went with some friends to Phi Phi Island to did a longtail boat trip round Koh Phi Phi seeing the beaches and islands including the one from the film -The Beach- and finishing that off with a insane view of the sunset! Then some of the friends went back to Phuket but me, Soph, Steffen and Christina when to Krabi for a day and night before heading back to Phuket. After 4 really fun weeks thanks to good friends and awesome cable park and great vibe, AWP we got the over night bus vip style to Bangkok to spend the last couple weeks of the trip with some English mates mini, cain, freddie also Dan and other new friends plus locals at Thai Wake Park. In Bangkok we checked out some more markets like in Phuket and spend a good amount of shredding the cable and enjoying the hot weather before heading back to the cold of England. We also did a wakeskate session shooting some photos on a rail in the cable and got to hit the sick pool gap there!

    This was an amazing trip of checking the sites in these two beautiful Countries, plenty of wakeboarding and wakeskating some sick cables which turned it into an all round perfect trip! Massive thanks to Scotty, friends and everyone we met during are time in Australia and Anthem Wake Park for being so welcoming and friendly, Pat at Anthem also for making a riding edit for me more friends and locals and Thai wake park and new friends and old friends there! More edits and photos from the trip to come, keep up to date by following me on instagram - mooreollie and twitter - ojmoore and on facebook!

    Look forward to possibly going to these awesome places next year it was a great way to start mine and Sophies 2014 off, cant wait for summer!




  • Fun Razor!!!

    Fun Razor is the new full length wakeskate video out put together by Aquarium hardgoods and The Wakeskate Mag, head to the wakeskate mag and download it for only 5 dollars!!! its insane! So happy to be involved and have a section!




  • Winching - 3 Wakeboarders and a Wakeskater


    The other thursday I hooked up with Ck, Lee and Crowhurst to do some winching and get some photos with Eddy and Jake from Hybrid wake mag and Paul Buttle with the help of Lees dad and Will.

    We found this little flow of water underneath a couple bridges that had a gap between them which let a nice gap of light through so we filled Daves trailer up with a load of options to make rails out of etc. We put some ideas together and create some things for us to hit and capture some decent photos on.

    Heres a link to Hybrids website, article on the winch trip should be out in the next issue.


    Check out Paul Buttles work.




  • Junction23 road trip part 2 - Club Wake Park

    Part 2 carrys us on the teams trip heading to to Club Wake Park, which is owned by Toby Oliver and based near Bedford.

    We made it here in a good amount of time giving us a few hours to have a good ride each and get some good clips on film for this part 2 video. The weather brightened up a little for us that afternoon and because the system 2 park is so well protected by trees it was very flat and the rails were fun to hit! We also met junction23 member, Scotty Broome. Unfortunately he was not able to come to Liverpool but we was glad he was able to meet us on day 2 to get a nice open section in this video along with hammers thrown by Lee, Ck, Toby, Hackers, Toby (Oliver) and myself. Toby also hooked us up with a couple small boat to get some good close shots for some better angles.

    Check out the video here!




  • Junction23 road trip Part 1-Liverpool

    I went on a trip with the rest of the Junction23 crew plus Lee Debuse the other Monday/Tuesday. We started off the trip fresh and cold meeting the crew consisting of CK, Lee, Toby and me at Lees. We then packed Cks car with the gear and got on the road head North to Liverpool Wake Park, home of Tim Woodhead.

    Unfortunately shortly into the journey we got slowed down for a while due to traffic on the M25 making us later than we wanted to be at the system 2 park, this only gave us a couple hours to get some filming done. We didnt manage to get done what we wanted so Tim was very kind and let us stay at his pad so we could do some more filming and riding at his wake park to get the footage we wanted in the gloomy/rainy weather before packing up and getting back on the road to for the second stop of the trip on the way back to London being Club Wake Park.

    Check out the link from part 1 here!




  • 2013 Stateside Sep/Oct


    Soon after the cable europeans I flew out to Orlando, Florida to be greeted with smiles from Nick (Taylor) and Travis (Belsito)! Those two let me cruise with them for a week or so till our plans took us seperate ways, to start things off we went to see what was around Surf Expo, meet some people and wonder around looking at the new product for 2014, going to a bar in downtown Orlando for the WaterMonsters premiere of their new video release Human Rocket! We then headed out to Reed (Hansens) place to session Battle Falls to start off a 2 day shoot with ONeill along with long time team riders, Aaron Reed, Scott Byerly and Bret Little. Including Shane Skelton the main man of ONeill wake organising the trip! Here is a link of some of the shots and a short write up on Alliance from photographer, Garrett. http://www.alliancewake.com/skate/oneill-wakeskate-shoot/

    The second day we were planning to hit some wake but unfortunately Byerlys boat had a couple of problems so we moved on and went to Pine Creek winch spot, its a nice size drop with a pole jam over it which made a good challenge for us but got a couple hits down it so was worth checking it out. We then went to another spot with a concrete ledge and Nick hit it a few times and got a sick back lip on it before we got busted out causing us to end the trip there.

    After the ONeill shoot me, Trav and Nick cruised over to Nicks new homeland of Suwannee Pro spending a day and a night there riding his incredible winch drop in this amazing wood lands! After we drove to Clermont spending a couple days there before heading seperate ways, as Nick got ready for a trip to Japan, Trav heading back home to Anna Maria Island. It was a lot of fun spending time with those guys then I stayed at the Pickett house riding the rails there for a couple days with Tommy, Collinge and those boys before Ben (Horan) came and got me to head over to Groveland and join me onto the Aquarium Can Tour trips!

    Once meeting up with everyone at Kyle (Walton) and Joshs (Zentmeyer) house being the wakeskate mag head quarters we skated the home made park and winch the home made drop and ledge before packing and getting the van all ready for carrying the Can Tour on the next morning. The guys on the tour from the previous had already stacked multiple clips from hitting so many different spots and there was many more I got to hit with them on this second week, leading us to many famous winch spots with drops, gaps and ledges I have seen in wakeskate videos. Also getting to ride at Valdosta Wake Compound thanks to Quinn and spending a few days at Bens house riding and filming on the Retention gap which was a lot of fun!

    The Can Tour was a blast spending some good time winching with some cool people and getting to do some new things making this trip the best so far! To make it even better after coming out to the states on my own and spending 3 weeks with new friends I went back to Clermont spending 2 more weeks with my girlfriend Sophie (Cordery) and parents riding the ski boat, some more filming and hitting a couple of the cables like OWC and Mccormicks before heading back to England with Sophie! Here is a video from a couple sets on Junction23.net - http://junction23.net/all-skate-1-3/

    This trip was incredible and a lot of fun thanks to all the people I hung out with and places I stayed and the places I got to ride!




  • IWWF World Rankings

    I am now Ranked No.1 in the IWWF World Rankings!!! So Happy!

    Check out the list of rankings on cablewakeboard.net


    Thanks to everyone for the support!





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